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Residential Real Estate and Corporate Relocation – it is what had defined my law firm. We lived it, we breathed it, we practiced it – 24/7/365 and that spirit and enthusiasm was embodied in all of the work that we did on behalf of our clients for 38 years.

Beginning with this 39th year of my legal career, I decided it was time to end this chapter. I wanted to leave the local real estate arena while Meg and I are healthy and able to enjoy many more wonderful times with our family and dear friends.

Therefore, while I am not retiring, Meg and I will manage and operate our Relocation Team at “Riefberg Real Estate & Relocation Services.” We have an outstanding staff who work tirelessly on employer-driven home sale real estate transactions nationwide and in Canada and Puerto Rico, as we have been doing for decades.

I will remain, of course, on the Board of Directors of the Northern Fairfield County Association of Realtors, doing my best to promote the finest our professions have to offer. I will continue to teach Continuing Education classes to Realtors.

I am always available for consultation with buyers and sellers, realtors and lenders, and all those in our competitive industry. I will certainly handle a closing – where and when the need arises!

203-744-8600 (office)
203-947-0182 (cell)

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